Cashville Pokies – Minimum Bet Pokies in Australia

Cashville is a classic Microgaming pokie, and one that has been around for some time. Despite this, it has never been high on the list of their most-played pokies and you won’t find it on many «best-of» lists either. This is not a bad pokie and it does have its merits, but there are reasons for those exclusions, as we shall discover in this review. To play Cashville for yourself and to make up your own mind, head for Royal Vegas Casino.


Cashville was developed in 2005, which explains why the graphics are very basic. This game was created long before many of the industry’s biggest developers were founded, and some time before online gambling exploded into the billing dollar industry that it is today. This game was created for mobile use though and it does look a little better on this smaller, simpler format. Also, back when it was created, it would have been one of the very first mobile pokies, which meant it was a little more of a groundbreaker in 2005 than it is now.


There is a minimum bet of just $0. 01 on this pokie, but the maximum bet doesn’t go very high at all.

Bonus Rounds

There is a simple instant win feature on Cashville, a «choose-me» round that is over before it begins, but that’s all. There are no main bounds rounds, no free spins. Mobile games developed when this was developed simply didn’t focus on such rounds as they were difficult to create and not all devices could play them. Still, we’re here to judge, not to find excuses, and the lack of any features is a huge letdown for this pokie and goes a long way to explaining why it is not very popular.


There is maximum win of 500, 000 coins on the Cashville pokie, and you can also pickup 2, 500x through the base game. These are big wins and they certainly help you to ignore the poor graphics, but overall they are just not enough. The lack of any big features, and even of a free spins round, is a disappointment that we can’t ignore and is the reason why we simply can not recommend this pokie.