Double Dose Pokies – Retro Designed Casino

Double Dose is a simple pokie from Microgaming. Double Dose was developed for the retro market, and whilst it does offer some impressive designs and attention to detail, there is no escaping the fact that Double Dose is a simple pokie. If you like that sort of thing, then head for Royal Vegas Casino, where you can find this single payline pokie and many others. To see what we thought of it, read on.


Double Dose is a simple game with an anime aesthetic. This only really applies to the logo on the main game screen though, because the theme is not at all relevant elsewhere. In fact, as all of the action takes place on this game screen, there is nowhere else for it to be relevant.
The symbols include all of the classics, but it is the game’s logo that pays by far the most money when you land three of them in the only payline. This is followed by the 7s and then by the triple bar symbol.

Bet Sizes

Double Dose has a decent betting range, albeit not one that is overly impressive. You can pay just $0. 25 per spin if you want to, and the maximum bet goes all of the way up to $10 per spin. There is only 1 payline, so there is no way to increase or decrease the amount of paylines that you play.


There are no bonus rounds at all on Double Dose. The most you can win is 1, 600 coins, and this is won on the base game.


These pokies appeal to a limited demographic, and we are not included in that. It is for retro and arcade fans, gamblers who see bonus rounds as a distraction as opposed to an attraction. Its speed and its high RTP make it worthwhile, but if you like big features and bigger graphics, Double Dose is not for you.