Living in Luxury – Basic Pokies for Money

Living in Luxury is a basic pokie from Microgaming, one that uses a layout that has been used on countless other Microgaming pokies. As the saying goes though, there is no need to fix what isn’t broken, and Living in Luxury follows a formula that has worked on many other games. To try it out for yourself, head for a respectable Microgaming casino like Royal Vegas Casino.


As is usually the case with Microgaming’s single payline pokies, half of the game screen is dominated by the payline information, with the reels and the logo taking up the other half. The Living in Luxury symbol is the highest paying one and you can get as much as 1, 600x out of it, providing you play 2 coins and you get three symbols on the game’s only payline.
Unfortunately, there is very little else going on, and the second highest paying symbol returns a win of just 200x, which is nothing to get excited about.


You can bet 1 or 2 coins on Living in Luxury, and which one you choose will determine the maximum win that you can unlock. It’s well worth opting for 2 coins if you can, but as payments are doubled, it works out the same if you simply double your stake on 1 coin.

You can bet between $0. 25 and $5 per coin, which means the minimum bet is $0. 25, whilst the maximum is $10.

Bonus Rounds

There are no bonus features to speak of on Living in Luxury, but there is a wild symbol, and this helps to boost all paylines that it lands in. This is a nice addition, but we would have much preferred a bonus feature.


Living in Luxury is a standard retro slot, and one that will please only those who have a big interest in this genre.