Stop bluffing

Texas Hold’emA big mistake that some beginners make is that they bluff a lot and they bluff really bad, if they would stop bluffing they might just have a chance to see what’s going on in the game. So, why do some people instinctively bluff like madmen in Texas Hold’em instead of focusing on the game? Hollywood, as strange as it seems, is a part of the answers. A huge misconception about poker is that people always bluff like in the movies. You know what I’m talking about, the main character bluffs a huge amount of cash and wins the card by putting pressure on his opponent or arch-villain. Here’s something that you should know, there are three types of bluffs in poker: quick bluffs, semi-bluffs, and stone-cold bluffs. 

Quick bluffs 

These small bluffs are known as «small ball» poker and the pros use them a lot. The idea behind this is that you’re betting a small amount of money that you don’t really care if you lose it in order to spook the other players. Let’s say that you’re in a hand and the flop comes K, K, 7. You’re the last and every other player checks. What do you do playing in the top Ethereum casinos and others? Bet a small amount of money to trick your opponents that you have a king in your hand. In most cases, everybody folds and you win the pot. 


Here’s an example to better understand what semi-bluffs are. You have A K and the flop comes Q, J, 3. The first player checks, the second player bets ¾ of the pot and now it’s your turn. If you raise that would be a semi-bluff, you have a flush draw and your hand is strong, meaning that you can win the game depending on the next cards that come. Semi-bluffs, like quick bluffs, are a normal part of poker but be warned, don’t overuse them or the other players will soon figure out. 

Stone-cold bluffs 

These are the king of bluffs, the kind you see in movies and rarely in the game. A stone-cold bluffStop bluffing would be you going all in or betting a huge amount of cash on a hand that has 0 chances of winning. There are many amazing examples of stone-cold bluffs in poker, one of them being Scotty Win’s $100. 000 bluff on the pot with literally nothing. In the end, he won. Now you know why you should stop bluffing and all the different types of bluffs that occur in Texas Hold’em in new Australian casinos and more – Use them wisely, don’t ever let the other players know when you’re bluffing and when you’re serious. If you stop bluffing at every little chance you get your chances of winning go up and you also avoid losing a good part of your bankroll.