Sunny Sevens by Gamomat



Gamomat has presented a new product in which it has managed to combine the classic elements of a slot machine with new and unpredictable details. Thus, Sunny Sevens suits both those looking for familiar moments and lovers of novelty. Sunny Sevens review will help the novice gambler figure out what to do with unexpected elements of the gameplay. In addition to playing for money, Sunny Sevens can be played for free for fun and excitement. In addition to personal computers, the application can also be easily run on phones, tablets and iPhones.

Technical information

The slot has characteristics that should be taken into account before starting the game: 1. The slot machine has average volatility, and the maximum RTP Sunny Sevens is 96.12% – slightly higher than the average. This makes it difficult to make a lot of money in the long run, but will appeal to those who appreciate the challenge of competition. 2. The slot machine has a classic number of reels and paylines – exactly 5. 3. The application has 7 ordinary symbols and the same number of wild and scatter symbols, which greatly simplifies the game for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of casinos. Indeed, many modern slot machines have from 10 to 12 different symbols, which can easily confuse an inexperienced gambler. Fewer icons have more chances to make a winning combination and bring the coveted prize to the user. 4. There is no bonus game in Sunny Sevens. There is only basic gameplay. 5. You can view the paytable in Sunny Sevens by activating the settings menu. It constantly changes depending on the player’s success, which allows him to always be aware of his position.

Subjects, design and decoration

The main theme of Sunny Sevens slot is the sun. Summer and cozy decoration can be an additional advantage for those who live in cold countries or simply love warm and clear weather. The wild and scatter symbols are called the sunny and lucky seven, while the main ones are in the form of tropical fruits such as pineapples, coconuts, kiwi, bananas, grapes and strawberries. The graphics of the application are of good quality, but from the point of view of especially picky ones, it may seem outdated. However, it contributes to the feeling of nostalgia that the slot machine is designed for. The game has high-quality sound design and soundtrack. The volume of the music can be changed through the settings menu or turned off altogether.

Bets and winnings

If a gambler is interested in how you can win at Sunny Sevens, then there is nothing difficult here. As in other machines, you need to get a series of identical symbols to get a prize. At least 3 symbols are required, but the more there are, the higher the amount of possible winnings. In the lower left corner of the screen, there are 5 active lines available for rotations. There is also a betting section next to it. The user can easily set exactly how much money or points will be spent on each bet, that is, the denomination of the coin. The starting range is $ 0.01 to $ 20, with an increased denomination from $ 0.05 to $ 100. The game does not have the ability to take away a part of the RTP, it is fully used in winning combinations. This means that one winning combination with 5 lucky sevens on one line will bring the user 5000 points, which is 1000 times more than the bet on each line. If there are no problems in the game process, then the application will be able to pay the winner 5,000 times more than the bet of the round.